Member Benefits, Services & Supports

Basic Membership Benefits:

Networking/Relationship Building. Quarterly meetings and affinity groups or networks (community foundations, United Ways, education funders) help build informal and formal relationships of trust and cooperation that lead to collaborative work across Mississippi.Building Skills, Knowledge, and Capacity.  MAG  provides learning opportunities designed to increase the effectiveness of philanthropy in the state, and provide basic skills needed to meet legal requirements and improve management skills.

Expanding Co-Investment Opportunities. MAG expands investment horizons for its members by identifying, promoting and supporting opportunities for co-investments among funders and support organizations at local, regional and national levels.

Providing Access to Data, Research, and Evaluation. MAG’s sponsors research, data collection, and analysis, research reports, white papers and issue briefs that contribute to the knowledge base of members and provide information that enables members to effectively target resources for maximum impact in their work.

Building Public Will and Influence. MAG develops relationships between the philanthropic community and public sector leaders, and among community stakeholders at all levels, that allow MAG members to effectively promote public policies and practices that produce effective programs and services for Mississippi’s children, families, and communities.

There is now a dedicated e-mail address for all inquiries relative to member benefits, services, and supports.  Prospective members may also use this e-mail address to receive information about MAG and membership application forms.

New Member Benefits:

New member benefits are being developed as a result of MAG joining the United Philanthropy Forum (formerly the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers).  These will include:

Discounts for Members.  Special rates on many products and services, including software, Directors & Officers insurance and subscriptions, can be accessed by MAG’s members.

Networking and Problem Solving.  The Forum has a pilot program that connects community foundation CEOs nationwide through a listserv, and offers two “boot camp” training sessions annually for community foundation CEO’s, staff and board members.  The Forum is exploring using this model to serve other constituencies within MAG.

Professional Development.  The Forum works with others to develop training curricula for funders, such as “Essential Skills & Strategies for New Grantmakers” and “Maximizing Corporate Community Investments”.

Information and Knowledge.  Information from the Forum’s national calendar of philanthropy infrastructure events and collected knowledge base of resources can be used by MAG to keep its members informed about learning opportunities and resources that can be used in their work.

Other Forum benefits focus on increasing the effectiveness of MAG in providing services and benefits to its membership, including technical assistance in areas such as technology, public policy and programming.  The Forum also offers peer learning networks in areas such as communications, finance and administration, and membership development.

Watch our website for updates, or visit for an overview. Contact for further information.