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Every year, Rich Harwood, President and Founder of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, personally hosts a Summit for a small group of national and local leaders working in various ways to solve problems in communities and improve public life. This year’s Summit – the 10th annual – will take place March 11-13 at the Wild Dunes Resort, on the beach near Charleston, South Carolina.

Rich started these Summits because leaders kept telling him they needed a space where they could wrestle with important issues that affect them professionally and personally but often get pushed aside.  And, they wanted to do it in a place where they could engage with different kinds of people and not face any pressure to perform.  

The Summit is that kind of space. There are no PowerPoints, no microphones, no flip charts. The conversations are self-generated. It’s kept small on purpose (50 at most and sometimes fewer), so people can get to know one another and have a meaningful experience. 

There is clearly a strong personal element to the Summit, but because the issues we discuss and the people you’ll meet are so relevant to your work, most people attend using their organizational resources. Past Summit participants include CEOs of major national nonprofits, college and university administrators, faith leaders, foundation executives, private consultants, heads of community-based organizations, journalists and business professionals.

This year, the theme is “Community as a Common Enterprise.” The topics will all be centered around how, amidst the increasing acrimony and divisiveness we see in the country right now, we can come together across dividing lines, engage in shared work, and demonstrate an alternative path for positive community life. 

People who’ve been to the Summit have said that it helps them do their professional work better and grow personally. It helps leaders stay grounded–it’s the place they come every year to rejuvenate, it helps them get “unstuck” in their work and it’s the boost they often need to engage on their professional challenges with more vigor.

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For more information about the Summit, including registration and logistics, visit www.theharwoodinstitute.org/summit.

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