Our Vision, Mission, & Purpose


The Mississippi Association of Grantmakers envisions a philanthropic community making effective investments in sustainable solutions that improve the well-being of children, families, and communities in Mississippi.  MAG is committed to leveraging and engaging philanthropic organizations and resources, from within Mississippi and around the world, in our work.


The Mississippi Association of Grantmakers builds capacity and fosters collaboration within the philanthropic community that leads to investments which enhance positive outcomes for children, families, and communities within Mississippi.


The Mississippi Association of Grantmakers (MAG) is a membership organization. Membership in MAG is open to all organizations whose principal function is the making of grants for charitable purposes, and who make such grants in whole or in part to organizations within or serving the State of Mississippi.  MAG also welcomes as associate members public funders such as governmental agencies whose re-granting is done on a competitive basis to multiple nonprofit organizations, community foundation affiliate funds, and, with the approval of MAG’s Board of Directors, nonprofits and other agencies serving the philanthropic and/or nonprofit sectors.

MAG regularly convenes its members to build knowledge, trust, and cooperation leading to formal and informal networks that effectively address common issues and challenges.

It provides high-quality educational opportunities and information to members, including access to state, regional, national, and international experts in fields critical to their work.

MAG identifies, promotes, and supports opportunities for members to partner and co-invest with local, regional and national philanthropic interests in shared areas of concern.

MAG sponsors the development of research and evaluation methodologies that expand the knowledge of members and the public about the issues important to philanthropy and the well-being of children, families, and communities in Mississippi.

It also develops relationships with policymakers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to build understanding of the scale, scope, and impact of philanthropy in Mississippi, and to influence policies that support positive, proactive, and sustainable philanthropy in the state.

Priority areas of interest for MAG members currently include education, health, economic and community development, and arts and culture.